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The History of Fabreeka and the Rail Industry

During the early 1930s, the idea for Fabreeka pads was conceived when Fabreeka Sales Manager William P. Brennan was asked by a friend of his in the railroad industry whether Fabreeka belting could reduce noise in passenger cars. Due to the noise generated by the steel wheels rolling on the steel rail, isolation was needed so passengers inside of the cars would not be bothered by the noise.

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Rail Track Repair: How to Reduce Damage on Railroad Tracks

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, railroad tracks have revolutionized human expansion, developing an interconnected network for people and valuable goods to travel. From the expansion to new frontiers to the development of underground metros that connected major cities, the railroad industry reshaped how mankind moved from one place to another and traded goods to markets.

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The Story of Fabreeka: Part 1

The saying rings true: “Custom and innovative solutions designed and manufactured globally for over 100 years.” But before the tagline was even thought of, years of product development, strategic testing and successful implementation of shock control and vibration isolation products gave Fabreeka its place on the map.

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