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What is the best thermal break material?

What Is the Best Thermal Break Material?

For structural engineers and architects, every aspect of building and construction projects must be planned down to the finest detail. There is much to consider for design, materials and more. As of late, more structural engineers and architects pay more attention to the energy efficiency of structures.

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Man holding a model building in between vibration

What is the Purpose of Vibration Isolation Pads?

Like many of the physical forces that we encounter every day, vibration is as abundant as they come. Whether it’s the vibrations in the air that create the sounds of our favorite tunes, or the natural rumble from a car engine, vibration is a key feature of the physical world around us. Yet, sometimes vibration is undesirable, and negatively affects the way we work and live day-to-day.

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Rock crushers at a dusty mining site

Vibration Isolation and Impact Shock Reduction in Mining Equipment

In the mining industry, longevity and efficiency are two important features that heavy equipment require. As technology continues to improve, and demands for raw materials increase, mining serves as an essential foundation for all types of industries. Even so, much of the mining equipment we use to this day remains the same, even over the course of a few decades.

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