"I Guess Fabreeka Is in My Blood" Celebrating 35 Years of Service with Tony Domurat

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It's 1948 in Boston, and at the turn of the new year, piles of snow line the sidewalks along India Street that lead to the entrance of Fabreeka's Boston plant.

After a stretch of freezing, but familiar New England winter weather, the first signs of spring begin to thaw the chilly bones of many Bostonians and New Englanders alike.

Spring - a special time of the year often associated with rebirth, new opportunities, and new beginnings. Especially for Zigmund "Ziggy" Domurat.

The first half of the 20th century brought much success, growth, and expansion for Fabreeka International as our shock and vibration materials became mainstays on the market.

 At this point, Fabreeka's ranks grew to 51 total employees, one of which, Ziggy Domurat, would get his very own opportunity to help Fabreeka expand, just in time for spring.


It's All in the Family

In order to run Fabreeka's new plant in Illinois, the flagship Fabreeka building in Boston would need some extra hands to pick up the vacancy left behind. 

Fortunately, Ziggy knew just the person to replace him.

On February 16th, 1948 Adolph Domurat arrived in Fabreeka Boston, who better to fill your vacancy than your own brother?

The Domurat family kept Fabreeka in great hands for years, decades even, putting together piece-by-piece the vibration and shock control solutions that made us famous, and leading the teams that create them.

Over in Boston, a new Domurat dynasty began to take shape in the workshop, nearly 40 years later after the Domurat brothers began their historic employment with Fabreeka.

Continuing the LegacyFabreeka's iconic blue headquarters in Stoughton, MA

Some 30 years later, it's 1978, and an 18-year-old Tony Domurat is looking ahead to the future. After two summers of landscaping and cutting grass, it's time for a change.

His father, in the midst of his 53-year career, gets him a gig at the Fabreeka Boston plant which relocated to Dorchester just a few years after Adolph's first day.

The good times would last for a year and a half, when tough times fell on Fabreeka in the summer of 1982. What was felt around the entire country, gripped this little plant in Dorchester. Tony, like many others, would be laid off.

Yet, Tony's story with Fabreeka is only just beginning.Tony D 35 Years at Fabreeka International

Get To Know Tony Domurat

After a seven-year hiatus from Fabreeka, Tony Domurat got another shot to return to the family in January of 1989.

"The rest is history," he says, "I guess I have Fabreeka in my blood!"

For the last 35 years, Tony's contribution to our team has been absolutely crucial to our engineered systems, solutions, and operations in the Fabreeka Stoughton plant.

There's no doubt that the man wears many hats. As the Department Manager of Engineered Systems, the Chief of the Boiler Department, and our Facility Manager, we're not quite sure what we'd do without him.

What Does Your Work Look Like on A Day-To-Day Basis

Most days never go as I originally plan them, but plans are meant to be broken!

How Has Fabreeka Changed During Your Historic Career Here?

Modernized equipment. It's made our jobs much less difficult.

What is an Achievement You're Proud Of?

I successfully condensed the levelers and level mount departments and merged them with engineered systems to make all three work as one unit. For 35 years, I've also safely operated boilers without sending us into orbit!

What Do You Like To Do in Your Free Time?

I love to work on cars and taking them out on the road for a nice cruise or to a car show. It's a bonus if I can get back without any problems!

What's Your Favorite Quote or Piece of Advice?

Don't let anyone see you sweat and don't let fear cloud your vision. Conquering fear is the greatest feeling I can ever achieve.

* * *

Fabreeka International is proud to produce some of the highest quality materials and solutions around the world.

It's people like Tony, who commit to their craft, and love what they do, that make us the company with the culture that we have today.

Thanks, Tony, For an Incredible 35 Years! 



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