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Vibration Isolation and Impact Shock Reduction in Mining Equipment

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In the mining industry, longevity and efficiency are two important features that heavy equipment require. As technology continues to improve, and demands for raw materials increase, mining serves as an essential foundation for all types of industries. Even so, much of the mining equipment we use to this day remains the same, even over the course of a few decades.

As these heavy machines remain in use for decades, proper equipment protection is necessary to prolong the life of the machine. The elements, usage and forces created by the equipment causes damage and wear over time. If left untreated, these factors reduce the lifespan of the equipment and create longer maintenance time, wasting precious time and money for your business.

Impact shock occurs when two heavy forces collide, reverberating throughout the machine and traveling through points of transmission. Below, we will describe the effects of impact shock in mining, why and how we can reduce it and what a potential solution for your mining equipment may look like.AdobeStock_259653731

Why is Impact Shock Isolation in Mining Important?

In mechanics, impact is a high force or “shock” applied over a short period of time when two or more entities collide. As you might imagine, the sheer weight and size of mining equipment creates a great deal of force. Whether from the weight of rocks and other materials, or from the machine itself, impact shock forces are everywhere in mining.

As mentioned above, the mining industry relies on longevity and efficiency to meet its production goals. With many machines well into their lifespans, impact shock creates equipment problems that can be costly in terms of both time and money. Impact shock not only affects the impacted area, but the entire machine as well. The forces generated by this equipment are so great that they travel throughout the structure, therefore affecting other parts of the machine as well.

If you want to learn more about the process, you should read "What To Do When Impact Shock Affects Mining Equipment."

Over time and with use, impact shock leaves equipment cracked and damaged. If ignored or unaddressed, the damages continue to fester and significantly shortens the lifespan of the machine. Whether it be a dragline, rock crusher or grizzly, all mining equipment must withstand great amounts of impact shock to keep the wheels turning.

How do we begin to tackle such a problem? With impact shock isolation. Let’s look at a grizzly, and the types of solutions we offer to provide the mining industry with long-lasting impact shock reduction.

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Impact Shock Reduction in Mining: Grizzly Application

Held in place by steel rods, grizzly bars are a widely used means of reducing the work of primary or secondary crushers. As the ore is fed to the crusher, it passes over the grizzly bars. In the meantime, finer, smaller pieces of ore drop through the bars to separate smaller pieces from bigger ones. As you might imagine, the size of the ore may vary.

In this case, many shock inputs are transmitted into other components of the supporting structure, as well as into the area surrounding it. Without the right shock reduction, there is an increased risk of the bars bending and fracturing. The heavy shock forces can force the bars out of alignment, leading to a significantly shortened service life.2019_Applications_Industrial-Machinery_Gyro-Rock-Crusher-01a

Impact Shock Solution and Design

Some time ago, the engineers here at Fabreeka were contacted by a design firm regarding a grizzly. The Fabreeka team was brought in to work on a project to protect the concrete supporting structure around the grizzly. As you might imagine, the shock produced from the mining activities were substantial, and the team needed to come up with an impact shock reduction solution.

Next, the engineering team ran a series of tests to provide a remedy for the impact shock. The team examined worst case scenario parameters, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the solution. Such an analysis included the maximum falling object weight and maximum height distance.

Moreover, the supporting structure was assumed to be infinity rigid, essentially meaning that no energy from impact shock could adequately be absorbed by the grizzly. With these measures in place, the engineering team designed a solution to achieve ultimate shock absorption. In the figure above, you can see just how we implemented our solution.

The blue padding in the figure represents the layers of Fabreeka pad we specially designed to achieve shock absorption and vibration isolation. For more on Fabreeka's solutions for the mining industry, check out our latest brochure.Download Now


Solutions for Impact Shock in Mining Equipment

With the machine parameters in place, and the maximum height and weight calculated, the team was ready to develop a solution for the problem. By using energy per unit volume vs stress relationship, the team could determine the volume of material required. Using our signature Fabreeka Pad, the stacks were positioned under the supports of the Grizzly.

With our solution in place, the isolators kept the concrete structure protected while also absorbing most of the energy. Thus, the Fabreeka team developed a successful solution to prolong product and machine life using our trademark impact shock and vibration isolation solution.

Fabreeka PadFabreeka preformed fabric pad-1

As the original preformed fabric reinforced elastomeric pad, the Fabreeka pad is exceptionally suited for impact shock control and vibrations isolation. As demonstrated above, the pad has been used in applications across industries to absorb impact shock. The pad prevents cracking and flaking of concrete while also prolonging machine life and protecting the structure in the process.

For more than 50 years, Fabreeka has helped mining companies develop exceptional solutions to their vibration and impact shock related issues. Whether it be a dragline, a rock crusher or a grizzly, the Fabreeka engineering team work directly with you to develop a solution that protects your equipment and keeps mining activities rolling without a hitch.


As you can see, Fabreeka delivers tested, tried and trusted solutions for the mining industry. Not convinced? Check out the latest from the Fabreeka Impact Blog to read more articles like this one.


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