The Science Behind Vibration Control in Precision Measurement

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Precision measurement is the cornerstone of metrology and numerous industries, from aerospace to automotive and beyond. Accurate and reliable measurements are essential for ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards. However, achieving such precision can be challenging.

Exploring the Impact of Vibration on Precision Measurement

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are essential tools in precision manufacturing, but the integrity of their measurements can be compromised by external noise and vibratory sources. Environmental noise and machine-related issues can affect the accuracy and consistency of CMM measurements, leading to disruptions, structural fatigue, and safety hazards. In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the most common vibration problems faced by professionals with CMMs and explore the science behind how Fabreeka International's pneumatic vibration isolation systems can mitigate these challenges and optimize overall productivity.

Understanding Common Vibration Problems with CMMs:

Environmental and machine-related issues are the two primary sources of vibration challenges in CMMs. Environmental issues arise from surrounding noise or other vibratory sources that can affect the accuracy and consistency of CMM measurements. For instance, noise resulting from the equipment's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can affect the equipment's air-bearing and produce less precise movement, and reduce accuracy. Vibrations emanating from nearby equipment or human activity are also common sources of environmental vibration, and they can lead to CMM errors. In the figure below, the block on the left demonstrates source excitation, while the block on the right shows recipient excitation, the type of vibration CMMs commonly experience.

Two vibrating blocks demonstrating the difference between source and recipient excitation.

Machine-related vibration issues can result from poor initial design, lack of preventive maintenance, wear and tear, and physical components' wear over time. Inaccuracies may result from a CMM that is not correctly leveled, leading to non-uniform movement and inaccuracies. Additionally, wear and tear on bearings, gaskets, and linear ways can cause the system to vibrate more, leading to inaccuracy, structural fatigue, and safety hazards.

How Fabreeka's Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Systems Mitigate Vibration Problems:

Pneumatic Email Graphics (1)Fabreeka International's cutting-edge pneumatic vibration isolation systems stand out for their technical expertise and reliability in diverse in applications. These innovative systems offer superior vibration isolation capabilities, effectively managing dynamic forces and reducing structural resonance.

The science behind Fabreeka's pneumatic vibration isolation systems is rooted in the principle of controlling external vibration sources that impact the internal environment of CMMs. Pneumatic isolators consist of a cylinder, piston, and air reservoir, which act as a spring and dampening element. The system's design enables it to block low-frequency vibrations and isolate higher-frequency vibrations, which are typically responsible for CMM errors. By strategically implementing Fabreeka pneumatic isolators at key points along thewww.fabreeka.comwp-contentuploads201910FABREEKA_PAL_Single-01_RGB-M-1 machine structure, external disturbances can effectively be contained, safeguarding against harmful effects of external vibrations, such as structural fatigue and bending moments.

Fabreeka's pneumatic vibration isolation systems also enhance the accuracy of CMM measurements by minimizing machine-related vibration. By decoupling the structure from external vibrations, Fabreeka pneumatic isolators prevent the transmission of damaging forces to critical equipment and structures. The isolators' unique design allows them to react to dynamic loads quickly and effectively, absorbing shock and reducing system resonance, leading to accurate movement and improved CMM accuracy.


Coordinate Measuring Machines' accuracy and consistency are essential in precision manufacturing, but environmental and machine-related vibration challenges can compromise their performance. By strategically implementing Fabreeka International's innovative pneumatic vibration isolation systems, CMM owners can mitigate both environmental and machine-related vibration challenges, resulting in enhanced asset protection, minimized downtime, and optimized productivity. By leveraging Fabreeka's technical expertise and innovative solutions, manufacturing and engineering professionals can mitigate risks, enhance operational resilience, and maintain a competitive edge in a demanding market landscape. 

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