4 Industries That Benefit from Pnemuatic Vibration Isolation

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Find all the information you need on pneumatic isolators in these key industries!
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Aerospace and Aviation

Engineers in aerospace and aviation rely on pinpoint accuracy to design the machines that take us to the skies and beyond. In the testing phases of aircrafts, there are many external influences, like vibration, that can impact the outcomes of such testing.

For aviation,  Fabreeka's Soft Support System is a high-tech tool for both height control and vibration isolation. Our engineers specially design our pneumatic isolators for these systems. While the Soft Support System doesn't have any testing capabilities, the system ensures an accurate testing environment the for aircraft. Watch how it works below!๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŽฅ

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Much like the equipment in aerospace and aviation, metrology and precision testing use delicate machines to gather precise data. Such metrology equipment, like coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), are particularly sensitive to external vibration.

Metrology equipment ranges in size, from table-top devices to machines that rival the size of a small house. Whatever the application, pneumatic isolators come in a range of sizes as well, and can be engineered to your specific requirements.

When the vibration isolation system is properly designed, pneumatic isolators greatly reduce external vibration, creating optimal testing environments for precise, accurate results.


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Fabreeka pneumatic vibration isolator underneath MRI equipment

Healthcare Equipment

For medical and healthcare professionals, accuracy and reliability are crucial to deliver the best care to patients. Pneumatic vibration isolation is another great application for sensitive medical equipment, especially MRI machines.

MRI equipment is affected by vibration much more so than other medical equipment. Vibration leads to double imaging, a term known in the industry as "ghosting." Data inaccuracies ultimately makes it much more challenging for healthcare professionals to properly and accurately diagnose and help treat their patients.

Pneumatic isolators minimize the effect of low frequency vibration that may often go undetected. Even vibratory forces as subtle as foot traffic or passing cars affects these delicate machines. Therefore, pneumatic vibration isolation makes for a great solution for healthcare equipment.


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Automotive Testing

Engine Dyno used for automotive testing featuring Fabreeka pal isolatorsIn the world of automotive testing, precision and accuracy are key to ensuring the safety and performance of vehicles. That's where Fabreeka PAL pneumatic vibration isolators come into play. These isolators are specifically designed to minimize external vibration and create an optimal testing environment.

Whether it's testing the durability of a car's suspension or analyzing the impact of road vibrations on different components, Fabreeka's PAL isolators provide the necessary stability and reliability. By reducing the effects of vibration, automotive engineers can obtain more accurate results and make informed decisions about design improvements.

With Fabreeka PAL isolators, automotive testing becomes more efficient and effective, ultimately leading to safer and better-performing vehicles on the road. Learn more about Fabreeka's impact in the automotive testing industry below! ๐Ÿ‘‡

Pneumatic Vibration Isolators for Your Industry

Fabreeka International offers an exceptional line of pneumatic vibration isolation solutions. Our products are full customizable for a complete solution that reduces vibration and keeps your operations running without a hitch.

Our Pneumatic-Aire Leveling (PAL) isolators have exceptional load bearing capabilities while mitigating the lowest frequencies of vibration. Check out the video below for some more quick hits on these impressive devices! 

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