Enhancing Defense Capabilities with Shock and Vibration Isolation

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In the defense industry, ensuring the integrity and performance of equipment is essential. Military vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, and electronic systems are often subjected to some of the harshest environments, where shock and vibration can severely impact their functionality and lifespan.

Understanding Shock and Vibration in Military Applications

Military and defense operations take place in a wide range of environments, from the rough terrain navigated by armored vehicles to the turbulent conditions naval vessels and aircraft experience. These conditions subject equipment to continuous shock and vibration, which can lead to several issues:

1. Structural Damage: Prolonged exposure to vibration can cause fatigue in materials, leading to cracks and eventual failure of critical components.

2. Electronic Failures: Sensitive electronic equipment can malfunction or suffer damage due to excessive vibration and shock, jeopardizing communication and navigation systems.

3. Operational Downtime: Equipment breakdowns can result in significant downtime, affecting mission timelines and operational readiness.

4. Safety Risks: Unmitigated shock and vibration can pose safety risks to personnel, particularly in vehicles and aircraft.

Navy Shipyard

Given the critical nature of military operations, effective shock and vibration mitigation solutions are essential. These solutions ensure that equipment remains operational under extreme conditions, enhancing both reliability and longevity. Fabreeka offers specialized products and expertise to meet these demands.

Fabreeka has a long history of providing high-performance shock and vibration control solutions across various industries, including defense. Their products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of military applications, ensuring that equipment performs optimally even in the most challenging environments.

Expertise in Custom Solutions

Fabreeka’s strength lies not only in its products but also in its ability to provide custom solutions tailored to specific military needs. Their team of engineers works closely with defense clients to analyze requirements and develop bespoke solutions that address unique challenges. This collaborative approach ensures that every solution is optimized for performance and reliability.

Enhancing Naval Vessel PerformanceSubmarine depicting an example of how DIMFAB might be used in a naval vessel.

A notable example of Fabreeka's impact is in the enhancement of naval vessel performance. By implementing  DIMFAB, a naval fleet was able to significantly reduce the transmission of vibrations from engines to the ship’s structure. This resulted in lower maintenance costs, improved crew comfort, and enhanced operational readiness.

Securing Sensitive Ground EquipmentTan military humvee driving through sand.

In another case, Fabreeka provided custom Fabreeka pads for a military ground vehicle manufacturer. These pads effectively isolated sensitive electronic equipment from the shocks and vibrations encountered during rugged terrain operations. The result was a substantial increase in equipment reliability and mission success rates.

Timeless, tested, and trusted, the Fabreeka pad is great for military applications.

Superior Vibration Control for Aircraft TestingA fighter jet displaying how Fabreeka PAL isolators can be used to test aircraft like this.

Pneumatic isolators are specifically designed to absorb and dampen low-frequency vibrations experienced during testing, ensuring that critical components remain accurate and operational. By implementing Fabreeka's pneumatic isolators, military engineers can conduct rigorous testing without the risk of inaccuracies or unreliable aircraft. Fabreeka PAL isolators are a vital tool in ensuring that military aircraft can withstand the demanding conditions of testing and ultimately perform at their best in real-world scenarios.

Key Products for Defense Applications

Vibration Isolation and Shock-Absorbing Pads

Fabreeka® pads are essential for isolating vibration and shock in militaryFabreeka Pad Transparent applications. These pads are utilized in various settings:

  • Armored Vehicles: Minimizing the impact of rough terrain on electronic systems and crew compartments, improving mission effectiveness and safety.
  • Aircraft: Isolating avionics and other critical systems from airframe vibrations, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Ground Vehicles: Protecting sensitive equipment from the shocks encountered during off-road operations.

DIMFAB: Specialized Naval Vibration Isolation

DIMFAB is a specialized solution for naval applications, providing superior damping and isolation. This material is used to:

  • Naval Vessels: Dampen vibrations from engines and other onboard machinery, reducing noise and enhancing the comfort and efficiency of operations.

Make No Wake Dimfab


Pneumatic Isolators

Fabreeka PLM

Fabreeka's pneumatic vibration isolators and mounts are crucial for maintaining the integrity of military equipment. These products are used in:

  • Communication Systems: Ensuring antennas and other communication equipment remain stable and functional despite environmental vibrations.
  • Radar and Surveillance Systems: Protecting sensitive components from vibrations that could affect accuracy and performance.
  • Aircraft: Maintaining optimal and vibration-free testing environments for sensitive equipment.



In the demanding world of military operations, mitigating shock and vibration is crucial for maintaining the performance and reliability of critical equipment. Fabreeka's products and expertise offer proven solutions that enhance the durability and functionality of military systems. By partnering with Fabreeka, the defense industry can ensure that its equipment withstands the harshest conditions, ultimately contributing to mission success and the safety of personnel.


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