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How To Reduce Impact Shock In Lithium Mining For A Sustainable Future

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As an industry, mining is instrumental in making human progress possible. Mining supplies the world with the raw materials necessary for progress and innovation. Whether its infrastructure, transportation or electronics, mining serves as an essential backbone to the industrialized world.

As support grows rapidly for bold environmental action, renewable energy is more of a reality than ever. The transition from oil and gas will take a great deal and time and effort, thus making the mining industry’s role evermore crucial.

Why is this? The earth contains various precious metals and minerals like lithium. As an essential building block for battery power, experts expect lithium mining to skyrocket over the next decade.

Let’s take a look at lithium mining, its effect on renewable energy and how Fabreeka fits into the solution to use mining to power renewable energy forward.

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What is Lithium? 

Before we jump into the specifics of lithium mining, let’s first discuss what lithium is and why it’s so important.

Lithium is a naturally occurring alkali metal found in various parts of the world including South America, Australia and China. With a variety of uses, lithium is a versatile compound used in many industrial applications.

An important component in a variety of industrial applications, lithium is widely developed into lithium-ion batteries for cars and mobile devices, glazes for ceramics and glass and more. Of course, lithium batteries are used in electric and hybrid vehicles; a key component for transitioning to a more sustainable future.


Lithium Mining and Renewable Energy

As do the methods of lithium mining, battery technology continues to improve. According to the US Department of the Interior, “lithium is expected to play a key role in efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are responsible for global warming.”

For renewable energy purposes, lithium serves as a necessary component for the rechargeable batteries needed in cars and trucks. Their energy-storing properties make them an essential tool in developing clean technology and storing energy from wind, solar and hydro.

Of course, lithium mining fuels such a project. The massive machinery we use today makes lithium mining like this possible. Yet, to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity, vibration and shock forces must be isolated to prevent wear-and-tear.

How Fabreeka Supports Lithium Mining

To keep the future bright and advance lithium mining for renewable energy, heavy machinery requires the right solutions to keep operating smoothly. Draglines, shovels, rock crushers and grizzlies are large machines that, due to their size, create great amounts of shock and vibration.

Over time, these shocks and vibrations lead to structural damage, stress cracks, and more. Treating unwanted vibration keeps these beastly machines running without a hitch, extending their life expectancy, and avoiding routine maintenance.

What kind of solutions might be available? Well, we’re glad you asked.

The Fabreeka Pad

Fabreeka preformed fabric pad

The original, fabric-reinforced elastomeric pad; exceptionally suited for impact shock reduction and vibration isolation. The Fabreeka pad accommodates compressive loads up to 10,000 psi and can be used for washers, bushings and OEM parts to prevent damage. Impermeable to oils and the effects of steam, water, mildew and brine, the pad is a reliable, proven solution for impact shock reduction in mining applications. The Fabreeka pad extends machine life and reduces the need for regular maintenance.

Proper shock control saves much needed time and money as we propel the industry forward and engage in more practices like lithium mining that fuel a sustainable future.


With over 50 years of experience designing shock and vibration control solutions for mining applications, Fabreeka is a trustworthy source for your next mining project. To learn more about our work in the mining industry, please read our article on the “History of Fabreeka Pad on Draglines & Shovels in the Mining Industry.”



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