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What is the best thermal break material?

What Is the Best Thermal Break Material?

For structural engineers and architects, every aspect of building and construction projects must be planned down to the finest detail. There is much to consider for design, materials and more. As of late, more structural engineers and architects pay more attention to the energy efficiency of structures.

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A 3D rendering of a steel-to-steel connection with thermal break material between.

Three Benefits of Using Thermal Break Material in Steel Structures

Down to the very finest details, structural engineers put much thought and consideration into the design process. From the architecture of the structure itself to the materials to be used, each piece is carefully selected to ensure the structure reaches certain standards and benchmarks. As structural engineers work, they must find the right resources to reach their goals.

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Bridge overpass with a sunset behind it

How Fixed Bearings and Slide Bearings Work in Bridge Construction

An integral piece of modern infrastructure, bridges connect us to parts of the world that were previously unattainable for modern travel. Some of the most notable engineering feats in humanity come in the form of bridges. Whether it be the Golden Gate Bridge on the west coast, or the historic Brooklyn Bridge on the east coast, bridges make up an impressive array of construction accomplishments.

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A person holding a small house in their hand with a plant inside.

How Thermal Break Material Helps Achieve LEED Certification

For any structural engineer, adhering to energy efficiency standards is an important piece in building and construction. Building standards and energy standards go hand in hand; over the years these standards evolved as requirements changed with them. Because of this change, many architects and engineers prioritize energy efficiency in their future building and construction plans.

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Building and Construction Image for blog

Successful Solutions in Building and Construction

The building and construction industry is an ever-evolving ecosystem. For any nation to prosper, developing well-constructed infrastructure is quintessential. With time, the industry grew to adopt innovative ideas such as green building that aims to develop environmentally responsible design plans, modular construction, 3-D imaging and more.

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